Are California drivers Lemmings

On a recent drive in the rain over the Cajon Pass we experienced a strange phenomenon.  A car driving 65 mph in the fast lane of Highway 15 went by with its hazard lights flashing.  The lemmings soon followed, more and more vehicles started turning on their flashing hazard lights, leaving the flashing lights on while driving average speeds of 60 mph.  Granted, it was raining in Southern California, also a strange phenomenon.  As we headed over the pass looking down the four lane highway jammed with vehicles, about 30% were driving with hazard lights on.  Somewhat disorienting yet the real problem was all these people were still driving at 65 mph in all four lanes and changing lanes quite often.  Try to visualize brake lights and hazard lights all flashing at the same time.  If there had been a cliff, I am sure all these well intentioned and uninformed drivers would have followed each other right off the cliff.

And again on the newly opened Foothill road by the Skyline hiking access, it only takes one car to park in the clearly marked "No Parking" zone and soon 20 Lemmings have followed, parking illegally.  Thank you Corona Police for making sure all the Lemmings were treated equally, all receiving parking tickets, day after day.  Some very slow learners are punished daily.