In 2017 we have added "Client Portals" using our tax software provider Thomson Reuters.  The portals offer a more secure and convenient method of transferring information electronically.  In addition both our tax software and bookkeeping software now require additional security in order to login.  We now store and generate complex passwords using the password vault software LastPass. 

The files used in our accounting practice, either paper or electronic, are secured in local storage.  The local security of paper files includes locked storage until we are able to shred, we use an onsite certified shredding service for disposal of paper files.  The security for electronic files is based on a secure location and encrypted drives when working remotely.  The Microsoft Bit-locker encryption is used on all external storage devices and on all local backups.  Cloud backup is hosted by Microsoft Azure using both encryption and certificate authentication.

Security for local network files is provided using Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials which secures files using a domain structure based on strict password security.  We use Microsoft Office 365 for hosting our email service.  When we transmit documents through email the files are encrypted using passwords for security.

The tax preparation software we use is Ultra Tax, by Thomson Reuters.  The tax software and related files are stored locally.  Our software transmits e-file documents directly to Thomson Reuters using encryption.  Thomson Reuters transmits the e-file documents to the taxing agencies directly.  We receive verification that the returns have been accepted by agencies from Thomson Reuters.


We have extensive experience in preparation of Individual, Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Returns.  In addition we provide help with any governmental correspondence or audits.


As an Independent Public Accountants we are qualified to report on your financial statements.  We provide both Compilation and Review services.  We comply with the "Peer Review" requirements in California for CPAs.


Our focus is on solutions that work for small businesses. We use the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server operating systems and Intuit QuickBooks accounting software.  Our office is paperless and we continue to expand our use of electronic media.


QuickBooks is a solution that many small businesses are able to easily implement and deploy. The services that we provide range from detailed inputting of information into QuickBooks to working with existing accounting records.  We are able to make adjustments and convert the information into tax compliance filings.


The first question many small businesses will face is what type of entity to create in order to operate the business.  What is the best option, sole proprietorship, c-corporation, s-corporation, LLC, partnership, limited partnership, family limited partnership, we can help.